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W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine

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W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine

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1. overview of machine


W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine

W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine


1. Performance:


Working principle: The mechanism is a three-roller symmetrical type. The upper roller moves vertically at the central symmetrical position of the two lower rollers. It is obtained by the transmission of the screw and nut worm, and the two lower rollers make rotational movement through the output gear of the reducer and the lower roller gear. Engage to provide torque for the rolled sheet.


W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine


working principle


From Figure 1.1: The main drive means that the upper roller rotates around O1, and the lower roller rotates clockwise or counterclockwise around O2 and O3 respectively. It is driven by two lower rollers and consists of a main motor, a main reducer, a coupling, and an open gear. When working, the upper roller is driven by the friction between the plates, and at the same time acts as a driven shaft to adjust and squeeze the workpiece.

The auxiliary transmission is controlled by a separate transmission system to control the up or down of the upper roller. , It is composed of upper roller lifting motor, reducer, coupling, worm gear, worm, screw nut, and screw. When working, the reducer drives the worm to rotate and the inner nut of the worm wheel rotates, so that the screw and the upper roller bearing seat move up and down to make the upper roller rise or fall.

When the plate is rolled, under the downward pressure of the upper roller, the two lower rollers rotate forward and backward to make the plate reach the required curvature and form the expected round or arc shape.

- mechanical parts:The lower rollers are driving rollers, the main reducer driven by same main motor, the output gear of reducer drives gears of two lower rollers, transmitting torque to drive lower roller rotate and offer torque for rolling plate.

- The top roller makes up-down movement, the lifting reducer driven by the same motor, meanwhile, driving two end of worm gear to rotate to drive two end of worm wheel rotate. The screw inside of worm wheel drives lead screw. Because the two screw leads connect with hinges at two end of top roller, shaft seat is located in two frames lead tai, the lead screw can make up-down movement and to drive top roller up and down.

- Tipping and get the bended work piece out: The top roller moves to the highest point (it is controlled by stroke switch), the tail of top roller is pressed to make the top roller in the balance status and then pull out the hinge pin and make tipping.

- Need the help of other machine to do pre-bending.

- Note: main difference from hydraulic 3-roller rolling machine is this kind no use of oil hydraulic.


W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine

W11-25×1000 Three-roller mechanical symmetrical plate rolling machine


It is three-roller symmetrical plate bending machine. The top roller makes up-down movement to make the metal plate deformed, and the lower roller is driving roller which offers the torque on the plate.

The machine is of good structure and few fault. Meanwhile, the machine is easy to be operated and maintained, which is perfect and cost-efficient metal bending machine.

3, structure and technical characteristics

3.1 Upper and lower rollers: the main components of the bending machine, made of forged solid high-quality No. 45 carbon steel, after rough machining, quenching and tempering treatment to HB200~260 effect, surface induction hardening hardness of about HRC50 after finishing. The upper roller bushings at both ends are made of pure copper, with high precision and good wear resistance.

3.2 Frame: The plate rolling machine has a left and right frame. After welding, the clamping process is completed on the boring and milling machine at one time to ensure accuracy. The lower part is fixed on the chassis with screws, and there is a connecting shaft in the middle to connect the two frames to keep it in the correct position.

3.3 Gear box: The main reducer adopts standard ZSY/BWD, which is mounted on the same chassis as the elevated frame. The auxiliary transmission reduction box is designed as an integral closed form, so that the large worm gear, worm, nut and bearing are immersed in the same closed environment filled with butter to achieve the best lubrication effect in the industry.

3.4 Balance device: It is installed on the side of the main reducer, and the upper roller is balanced by the interaction between the upper roller tail shaft and the pressure plate during discharge. Make it easy to take out the rolled workpiece.

3.5 Chassis: welded by channel steel and steel plate, the frame, gear box, motor, etc. are all mounted on the chassis,

Thus combined into one.

3.6 Electrical part: It is composed of electrical cabinet, console, motor, etc.


4. Main technical parameters

Model Type W11-25×1000 Mechanical Plate Rolling Machine
Capacity Max. 25mm thickness, Min. 2mm thickness
Max.rolling plate width 1000mm
Working length of rollers 1050mm
Tensile strength ≤245Mpa
Rolling speed About 4m/min
Minimum rolled diameter under full load T25*B1000mm*φ500mm
Upper roller diameter Φ260mm
Down roller diameter Φ220mm
Distance between two down rollers 330mm
Main motor power 11-6kw
Assistant motor power 4kw


4.1 Terms of payment:T/T,30% down payment,70% balance before shipment

4.2 Delivery time: 20 days

4.3 Load: container with steel pallet and PVC films

4.4 Warranty:12 months against the B/L date

4.5 MOQ:one set


5、Configuration feature of machine:






Wafangdian Bearing Factory

Upper roller


JiangYin NanGong

Lower roller



welded pieces

self made


welded pieces

self made







Electrical component




6. within supply scope

Whole machine body 1 set

Electric cabinet 1 set

Attached device 1 set

Files 1 suit


7. Acceptance

The main inspection and acceptance is according to the domestic industry standard with enterprise standard.

If the customer has special requirements, the acceptance standard can be decided by both parties.

JB/T8796-1998   plate rolling machine accuracy

JB/T1829-1997 General technical conditions for forging machinery

GB17120-1997 Safety technical requirements for forging machinery

JB/T8609-1997 Technical conditions for forging mechanical welding parts

JB3623-84 Forging machinery noise measurement method

JB/ZQ4000.5 General technical conditions for castings

JB/ZQ4000.9 General technical conditions for assembly

JB/ZQ4000.10 General technical conditions for painting

GB16754-1997 Mechanical safety emergency stop design principles

GB/T5226.1-1996 Industrial Machinery Electrical Equipment Part 1 General Technical Requirements


8、 Working Condition:

8.1、The parameters of power are 380V(±10%),50HZ and 3PH

8.2、Working condition: Temperature -10 ~ 40℃, the temperature of oil tank could not lower than +10℃.


This machine has no "three wastes" discharged, and the noise limit meets the requirements of JB9969-1999.


9. Documents:

1、foundation drawing 1pcs

2, the electrical schematic 1pcs

3, operation manual 1pcs

4, certification 1pcs

5, packing list 1pcs

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